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What I offer to clients

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I have nearly 10 years of experience (since 2007) as a freelance industrial designer. This has given me a wide range of real-life experience with product development from several sectors of the industry. I usually cover the whole design process from the initial concept to production implementation. Thus I have a very complex view and know-how about practical industrial and commercial applications and getting design from blank paper to reality. On the other hand, thanks to the varied sectors in which my clients are active, I am used to adapting to a specific client's needs and I collaborate closely with their development or R&D departments, when desired. 


Injection plastic parts - thanks to my broad experience with designing injection plastic parts I can offer highly specialized services in this area. The outcome of the development is always technically finalized data ready for direct integration in the mould production. The process involves FEM analysis and mouldability studies.

Besides plastic injection moulding, I can offer experience with rotomoulding, air-assist forming, vacuum forming, CNC-machining and other progressive plastic production technologies.

Other technologies:

I have complex knowledge and experience with other engineering and production technologies and designing such products and parts. These include metalsheet design, CNC-machining, casting, forming, welding, Al-profiles and also composite materials.

3D data and digital prototypes:

I provide advanced 3D data for all the development stages. This includes Class A surfacing, data management and of course

technical documentation according to the client's needs.

Real prototypes:

If not done inhouse by the client I can provide a wide range of prototyping including 3D printing, CNC-milling and machining.

I also still offer the dying art of handcrafted models (wood, clay).


I have completed numerous projects for the electronic equipment industry. I am familiar with specific industry standards and manufatcuring technologies (PCB manufacturing - THT, SMT), designing covers and cases to meet required ingress protection IP,

Legislative regulations

Due to years of working for the medical industry and also, more recently, the children's toy industry, I am very familiar working within strict legislative regulations, norms and technical and safety standards. I also have know-how about the approval process before market launch of the product.

Post production:

As part of my collaboration with the client I create and provide data, renders, drawings for intellectual property protection applications, for marketing and promotion materials and for packaging.