What I offer to clients

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I deliver highly complex, well-engineered data ready for tool manufacturing and production. Typically I cover full responsibility for the design project development from concept work to the production-ready toy, but I can also support the client just for a specific stage of development. I have years of experience working with international clients (mainly in Germany) and I am good at adapting to specific working cultures.

The character of my work requires me to be flexible and seamlessly join and collaborate with the client's team. I am extremely self-motivated, hard-working, focused and inventive.


Thanks to my broad experience with designing injection plastic parts I can offer highly specialized services in this area. The outcome of the development is always technically finalized data ready for direct integration in the tool production.

Besides plastic injection moulding, I can offer expertise in rotomoulding, air-assist forming, vacuum forming, CNC machining and other progressive plastic production technologies.

Other technologies:

Even with plastics being the center of a lot of my work, I have knowledge and experience with other technologies and materials. These include wood, metalsheet design, CNC machining, casting, forming, welding, Al-profiles and also composite materials.

3D data and digital prototypes:

I deliver advanced 3D data for all the development stages, tailor-made for every client.

Real prototypes:

I deliver prototyping, including 3D printing, as a matter of course. I also offer CNC milling and manufacturing, as well as the dying art of handcrafted models (wood, clay).


I have completed numerous projects for the electronic equipment industry. I am familiar with specific industry standards and manufacturing technologies (PCB manufacturing - THT, SMT), designing covers and cases to meet required ingress protection IP.

Legislative regulations:

Due to years of working in the children's toy industry, and previously the medical industry, I am well-versed in working within strict legislative regulations, norms and technical and safety standards. This also includes knowledge of the approval process before product market launch.

Post production:

My collaboration with the client includes creation and provision of data, renders and technical drawings for intellectual property protection applications, marketing and promotion materials and packaging.